What We Do
  • Party Time!!!

    Who doesn’t want to a page 3 personality? Therefore live concerts are not only ticketed shows but they have become a medium of brand building. From Pop Artists to Stand up Acts or sometimes even a national Celebrity to endorse your brand - you can have it all! We have a creative and resourcefulness capability

  • Promote your paradise

    ABC is common terms for any product, but do you want your brand name to follow in the same pattern. Think about it? Setting your brand name above the competition is what we specialize in. From In Shop Branding to Store Promotions, from Internet Marketing to In Movie Branding, we tactically place your brand in the public eye. The Rural Market is today’s every brand’s dream therefore we help you reach out there in various ways like Sales Promos, Road Shows, Incentive Programs, Product Informative Seminars etc…

  • Born with golden spoon

    Innovative ideas, novel concepts but how do you showcase these in the most pioneering way? Leave the creative side to us. From press callings to elegant invites, from creative settings to innovative showcasing we will build this for you bit by bit for customized Product Launches.

  • Theme Of Thames

    Be it a yearly party, a silver jubilee celebration or just a dull seminar that you need to live up, let us add an energetic themes and concepts to it and see the difference. Recreate Paris or Goa or Egypt, Pirates and much more!

  • Public eyes on the Ramp

    To fulfill all your needs from air-conditioned hangers to temporary glasshouses, from exhibition halls to new era malls… planning, executing, maintaining & dismantling - we see it with our creative eyes. To attract public eyes on your product Road Shows.

  • Formal Gatherings on board!!!

    Indoor, Outdoor, Outbound & Incentive Bound we handle all with technical expertise. From Audio Visual equipment to transit you to Generation X to video conferencing systems to bridge you to any corner of the planet. We will help you to provide Projector, LCD Screens & L.E.D etc. which you will surely have to ‘WATCH OUT’ for Conferences.

  • Relax while work!!!

    Health Freaks and fitness Conscious Corporate people have found inventive ways to help employees take pleasure in them, at the same take care of their fitness. From tennis to cricket, from football to chess, these sports have started getting importance from some of India’s finest brands. We help you to put together everything right from venue selections to sports gear, from game officials to cheer girls and most of all food & beverages to complete the perfect sporting events. We are capable to organize all types of sport with expertise.

  • Cool Color Captures

    We are well equipped and ready to transform your concepts into corporate film making which may go a long way in enhancing companies turn over within a short span of time Documentary films are the doorsteps to reach the gates of the public for social cause. All together put into a lexicon profile of our Villgrow teams success.

  • “Magic Moments are always Memorable moments”

    We add colors to your beautiful occasional celebration of your family and friends, making things memorable with our innovative concepts for a complete family fun.

  • Esprit de Corps

    The universal truth ‘United We Stand - Divided We Fall’ holds worth in today’s corporate world. Corporate expansions, takeovers, mergers & diversity are some of the issues that corporates around the world are facing. Strong HR programs to create oneness and team spirit to increase work harmony throughout the organization have adapted different such Team building programs on a regular basis.

  • Dance in Denmark

    The well planned event needs planning skills as well as design imagination in set designs. Villgrow media works specializes in set designing and planning which includes creative print design banners or graphic design posters, outdoor event lighting, exhibition set design with proper colors and exceptional quality.

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